Repeal the Firewo...

I fully support a repeal of the Fireworks Law so that Sterling Heights can be a peaceful and wonderful place to live year round.

One of the issues that comes up most frequently while talking to my neighbors in the summertime is the fact that fireworks are being misused and ruining their summer peace and quiet.

These fireworks are frequently being used outside of legal hours, and on days not designated for their use. I frequently hear stories of frightened dogs, upset veterans, trash falling from the sky, and fire hazards

Not to mention all the people that aren't getting a good night's sleep because they are being awoken in the middle of the night.

Something has to be done, and as a councilmember I will make sure we have the toughest laws possible against the illegal use of fireworks. And I'll work with our state representatives on a repeal of the current law.